Pacify Your Mind Initiative

Your well-being at the heart of your mission abroad

I offer professionals working for International organisations abroad a unique and personalized approach to put their well-being first and develop a quality engagement in the field.

Pacify Your Mind is also a podcast and a newsletter to help you take action to take care of your well-being on the ground.

Adeline Torcol


Adeline Torcol

Well-being coach, trainer and adviser for professionals working for International organisations abroad

It all starts with my own experience as a diplomat for the European Union posted in Western Africa. I followed my vocation, serving my ideal of peace in the field.

I committed myself intensely in my role, I worked a lot. I also lived high-risk situations. I wanted to be strong in all these field situations. I was hiding my vulnerability. I gradually disconnected from my emotions and developed high stress symptoms. When I returned to Brussels, it took me a long time to regain my balance. I did not find a listening space, key advice to take care of my physical, mental and emotional well-being before, during my mission abroad and upon my return.

Working at the HQ of this organisation, I exchanged with my colleagues on their field experience I realized that mine was far from being isolated.  I wanted to understand and learn about the issue of human support to colleagues posted abroad.  Then, I launched Pacify Your Mind podcast. Colleagues in the field, whether they are diplomats, advisers or project managers for International organisations, share with me their moments of vulnerability and the tools that have helped them take care of themselves. I have learned a lot from them and also from experts in personal development and stress management. I trained myself in non-violent communication, stress prevention and management as well as a talking circle facilitator. I am happy to share with you my experience and expertise and play my role as a wellbeing coach for you.

I also intervene in public or private International organizations as a well-being trainer and adviser to accompany colleagues posted abroad before, during and after their mission.

Adeline Torcol 


My goal with Pacify Your Mind is to help you to put your well-being at the heart of your mission abroad. 

I talk about the challenges you face as a professional working for International organisations abroad and share some tips and advice. I also invite inspiring personalities to talk about their own experiences whether they are professional expatriates, experts on well-being at work or on personal development.

My services

Well-being coach for Professionals working for International organisations abroad

Striving for wellbeing as a foundation for improving your efficiency and the quality of your engagement abroad, it starts within yourself! I give you key information, concrete tools to get there.

Well-being trainer and adviser in organisations for your colleagues posted abroad

You are at a manager or human resources position in a public or private International organization. You wish to set up support actions for your colleagues posted abroad? I offer tailor-made trainings with tools in emotional and cultural intelligence and stress management.

I also help you defining support actions for your colleagues during the whole cycle of their mission abroad.

Learn more about it

What are your biggest challenges while working abroad? Let’s talk about them so I can give at least one concrete recommendation to help you move forwards.

Learn more about it

You wish to set up support actions for your colleagues abroad? 

These support initiatives aim to give you key information and concrete tools to help you live your mission abroad in line with your values and balance.

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