Well-being coaching

for professionals working for International organisations abroad

You work for an International organization, outside your home country, in an intense multicultural work environment. Your professional commitment can take on too much importance, in a context where you have to learn to deal with its share of uncertainties, your balance may be impacted and you do not know where to start to take care of your well-being.

How to prioritize my well-being?

How can I find a balance between my personal and professional life?

How to manage my stress and my emotions on a daily basis?

How to manage the distance from my home country or my return from expatriation?

Do you know the metaphor of the oxygen mask in the plane? Taking care of yourself, developing a caring relationship with yourself is the first step towards well-being.

We work together on the reasons for your commitment abroad, your values, the management of your time, your energy and presence for yourself and others; the management of your emotions as well as your personal challenges related to your expatriation. 

With a genuine listening and my expertise, I accompany you in one or more individual online sessions to mobilize your inner resources to live your professional and personal experience abroad in line with yourself.

I help you to move away from beliefs, calm your mind and connect to your body and emotions. The goal is to feel more confident, in tune with yourself to manage your daily challenges.

Personalized content and advice are produced for each client. You leave with a personalized wellness roadmap to put into action.

Here, I focus on a preventive stress management approach.

What are your biggest challenges while working abroad?

Let’s talk about them so I can give one concrete to help you move forwards


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